Increase customer conversion rate and average order value in 10 minutes or less with CROkit.

  • Always on brand: fully customizable to your store‚Äôs branding and style.
  • Built for products: flexible components work with different product types.
  • Granular detail: Choose exactly what you want to display on every product, no extra templates needed.
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Why Use CROkit?

Upgrade Your Conversion Rate and AOV

Set up the same conversion components that are utilized by top e-commerce brands in the world without the expensive development or upkeep required to get them working. Get our out-of-the-box and flexible components running live on your store in 10 minutes or less.

Components that Fit Your Brand Guidelines

Styling for every on-page CROkit component is fully customizable and utilizes Shopify's built-in styling features right out of the box. Use the built-in theme options to modify your components so that they line up with your brand guidelines. Forget the days where you need to get an additional developer for modifying your apps with custom CSS.

Designed For Your Theme and Templates

CROkit components are designed with granular detail so that you can pick and choose exactly what you want to display on any specific product page. Save components and their styling directly into templates across your theme, then choose which options you'd like to display across your different products. No developer necessary.

Variant Upsell
Let Customers Add Multiple Products to Cart with a Single Click

Our Variation Upsell component lets you add any product with variations in your store on any other product page. The Variation Upsell component takes a complex process and simplifies it down to a click, allowing your user to add up to 3 products into their cart at once.

Pricing Table
Upsell and Tier Your Product Options With Subscriptions

Commonly used in the SaaS world, you can now generate ready-to-go Pricing Columns that let you pick and choose which variants you'd like to display. The ability to automatically plug in your subscription app allows you to set custom subscription lengths for each variant tier.

Shipping Calculator
A Dynamic Shipping Calculator Just Like Amazon to Grow AOV

Incentivize your customers to purchase multiple items from your store by offering a dynamic shipping bar that inches them closer to free shipping as they keep increasing their cart amount! Follow the same principles laid out by Amazon and the top large e-commerce brands.

Meta Title Switch
Alert Your Customers to Come Back to Your Tab Once They Leave

Don't let them forget! This Title Switcher instantly changes your tab title when a user leaves your page. A great way to incentivize users to come back for a free coupon, or just simply remind them that you're still there and waiting. (WORKS ON DESKTOP ONLY)
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Start increasing customer conversion rate and average order value in 10 minutes or less with CROkit.



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